Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids

Love is in the air, everywhere I look around! This February 14th, grab some brightly coloured paper and glitter as we have a fantastic list of Valentine’s Day Crafts guaranteed to entertain you and the little ones!

Yarn-Wrapped Heart

This super cute craft doubles as adorable holiday décor and it takes just five minutes to make! Bonus! Cut a heart shape out of some cardboard. Grab your red or pink yarn and tape the end of the spool to the back of your shape. Wrap your yarn around the heart until the cardboard is no longer visible. Cut the end of your yarn and loop it around another piece and tie it off! Voila!

Bouquet Cards

Grab the piper cleaners! This adorable card is super fun to make and makes a lovely gift to that special someone. Start by cutting a big pile of hearts from coloured paper – these can vary in size as long as they’ll still fit on your cardstock. Next, grab your card stock and fold it in half to make your card. Then, either grab some green piper cleaners and glue them on in a stem formation, or you can keep it simpler by drawing your stems using a marker. Now, it’s time to add the papers. Using glue dots, stick your hearts to the top of your green stems until your bouquet is full. After this, all that’s left to do is write your message!

Origami Heart Bookmark

We know your ‘To Be Read’ list must be huge following our Favourite Children’s Books post so we thought we’d recommend this fun V-Day themed bookmark craft!

Grab yourself some thick paper and fold it in half, then cut along the line. Now you’ll have two rectangular pieces of paper. Fold one sheet in half lengthways, leaving the top slightly open. Fold in half again so that when you open your paper you should see a fold in the middle. Turn the left side of your paper up against the folded line. Repeat on the other side. Your paper should look a little like an upside-down house now! Now flip your origami corner bookmark over. Use a small piece of tape to hold both halves together. Fold-down the top portions to start forming the top of the heart, followed by the corners on the heart! Flip your paper over and boom! You should have a heart-shaped bookmark!

Love Bugs

Super fun and easy to make, Toilet Roll Love Bugs are the perfect Valentine’s Day Craft for kids. Firstly, paint some toilet rolls and allow them to dry. The more colourful the better we always think! The next step is just for the grownups – poke six holes in the dry roll for the pipe cleaner legs to go through. We recommend using a kitchen skewer. Thread your pipe cleaners through the holes to create six little legs for your bug. You can add beads to the end for hands and feet. Now it’s time to give your bug some personality. Grab your glitter, markers, or decorative tape, and go wild!

Once you’re happy with the body it’s time for the antenna and wings! Draw two medium-size hearts on your thick paper and cut them out for your wings. For your antenna, draw two small hearts with a stem and cut them out too. Using some pritt stick or glue dots, attach them to your roll along with some googly eyes! Leave to dry and lastly give your bug a name!

We hope you all have a wonderful Valentines Day, filled with fun crafts, love and lots of chocolate!

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