Tips For 2022: Healthy Eating for Kids

It’s resolution time. I’m sure we’ve all got our lists of what we’d like to accomplish this year; join a gym, learn a language, finally finish watching Tiger King *eyes one of our Kids Food Advisors with disdain*, get our kids to eat healthily.

Well, we’re here to help with the last one.

(If you too are stuck on the third, we can’t help you. We’ve been trying. For a year!).

Here are our top tips to encourage your kids to eat healthily.

  1. Do it as a family. Kids are very much “Do as they see, not as their told” so if they see you munching down on a chocolate bar while their being offered some carrots and hummus? Let’s just say I’m glad I’m not at your kitchen table right now.
  2. Make them feel involved. Children are far more likely go along with something they feel is their decision too. Talk to them about the changes in advance, make it a conversation not an order.
  3. Introduce changes one at a time. Clearing out the kitchen cupboards and binning all the treats in one foul swoop probably isn’t going to get you the results you want. Very few people – kids and adults – will stick to something like that. Start slow and simple. Cocopops your default breakfast? Switch it out for a healthy whole grain. Next week, your afterschool snack becomes apple slices and peanut butter. After that, swap your cordials or fizzy drinks at dinner for water or milk. Trust the process.
  4. Be consistent. Don’t give up at the first hurdle, keep gong.
  5. Reward good behaviour. Let your kids know your proud of their progress and all the good choices they’re making.
  6. Have a treat. Healthy eating is all about balance – it’s okay to buy the cadburys bar every now and again.

Good luck!

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