St Patrick’s Day Crafts for Children

St. Patrick’s Day is an enchanted time — a day to begin transforming winter’s dreams into summer’s magic. ~Adrienne Cook

It’s another year without being able to attend the St Patrick’s Day parade. Thankfully, this year the event is going virtual with a rich program of events that we can sit back and enjoy in the comfort of our own homes. But we thought we’d make things a little more entertaining by giving you a list of fun, St Patrick’s Day crafts for kids! Check out our list below!

Footprint Four Leaf Clover

A little twist on the traditional handprint shamrock, the footprint four-leaf clover is not only a fun St Patrick’s Day craft but it also makes an adorable keepsake! It’s also super simple to make! Always a plus. All you’ll need is green cardstock, green paint, a paintbrush, scissors, and some tape or glue.

First, paint your smallie’s feet with green paint. Next, make four green footprints on your paper. You can then cut heart shapes around each footprint. Cut a thin strip of green paper to make your stem. Finally, tape or glue the pointed end of your heart to the stem. Voila!

DIY Paddy’s Day Shirt

In need of some festive attire for Paddy’s Day? We’ve got you covered. This painted t-shirt craft is super fun and incredibly quick to do! You’ll need a t-shirt (preferably green), some white paint, a paint brush, masking tape, some cardboard or foam (something thick you can use to make raised shapes).

First up, lay your t-shirt down on an area you don’t mind getting messy. Next, grab your masking tape and make a short thin, vertical line in the middle of the shirt. This will be your shamrock’s stem. Now, this one’s for the grown-ups. Cut three heart shapes out of your cardboard (this can be made even simpler if you can find some heart-shaped foam stickers) and stick them around the stem. Hand over the paintbrush to your little artist and let them paint around the shape. Don’t worry about having perfect lines. We find this works best when it’s a little messy! Finally, wait for the paint to dry, and then pull off your masking tape, cardboard or stickers. Step back and admire the masterpiece.

Paper Shamrock Wreath

We all love a good wreath. This St Patrick’s Day craft is a bit more complicated so it may be a bit more suited to older children! You’ll need double-sided tape or glue, three different sheets of coloured paper – a dark green, a light green and white! – a ribbon, a button.

First, take your three sheets of coloured paper and cut them into strips. Make them all the same width but vary the length. For example have the dark green be 12 inches long, the light green 10 inches, and the white 8 inches. Next, you want to stack one of each size of the paper on top of each other – longest to shortest – and either tape them or glue them together on one end. Then loop the shortest piece over so the edges meet and tape or glue them together. It should look like a tear shape. Repeat with the other two pieces!

Repeat the steps until you have made six teardrops. Glue the ends together so they form a heart shape! Next, you will make the stem. Now, you have a choice here. You can go simple and tape a few strips together to make a thicker line and attach, or you can be fancy. You’ll want to take the last three strips you have left and fold them up so they have a square bottom. Stack the pieces inside each other, with the open ends in line. There should be a gap between the square bottoms. Glue the ends together.

Whew, we’re near the end. Cut out a circular piece of paper and glue all the points together to assemble your shamrock. Add a little green button to the front for decoration and glue your ribbon to the back so you can hang it up!

Paper Plate Leprechaun

If our wreath was a bit much for you then our paper plate leprechaun is the perfect St Patrick’s Day Craft. It is very easy to make, and the kids love to play with him afterward. You’ll need a white paper plate, orange paint, a black marker, scissors, glue, and green/black/yellow construction paper or card stock.

First, turn the white paper plate upside-down. Paint the outside of the plate orange – leave the flat of the plate white. Once it dries, take a scissor and cut little slits around all around the orange bit – between the natural grooves of the plate. This is your leprechauns beard.

Next, it’s the hat. Draw a top hat onto the green paper and cut out the shape. Next, cut a thick black stripe and a yellow square with a hole in the middle. Glue these together to create your top hat and stick it on the top of your plate. Finally, draw his face. Simples!

End of the Rainbow Twirler

Time to go hunting for the pot of gold! This super cute St Patrick’s Day craft makes for a great decoration and is brilliant for encouraging the little picasso in your midst. You will need a white paper plate, paint (all the colours of the rainbow), black and yellow paper, scissors and glue.

Step one, the messy bit. Have your little one paint rainbow stripes on the front of the paper plate. Wait for it to dry, flip it over and paint the back too. Next, get the adults involved. Grab the scissors and cut spirals into the plate, starting from the outside. Back to the kiddies, draw your pot onto the black paper and have the adult cut it out.

Make your gold pieces by cutting circles out of the yellow paper. Stick these to your pot using glue. Once your pot is complete, glue it to the end of your rainbow twirler. Finally, attach a string to the top of your twirler, or use the classic blu tack and hang it from the ceiling! And there you have it! The perfect St Patrick’s Day craft and decoration.

Happy crafting everybody!


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