Nutrition for kids: Differences in babies, toddlers, kids and teenagers

Nutrition for kids: Differences in babies, toddlers, kids and teenagers Nutrition for kids should be increasingly adjusted to the parents’ diet. Nevertheless, at a young age, it is advised to provide your child with a diet, slightly different from yours. Under the age of five, fiber intake should be limited. Even though a good amount of fiber can have various health benefits and prevents you from shooting over your calorie count, it should not be consumed in abundance when looking at nutrition for kids. At a young age, growth and development is the most important aspect of health. To ensure the developing body gets all its nutrients, nutrition for kids should consist of a diet rich in good fats. Whilst for adults, a rather low-fat diet combined with a high fiber diet is beneficial, the nutrition for kids requires a large number of unsaturated fats for healthy growth and development of your child. At the same time, a high fiber intake will fill your child up to quickly which at first glance might seem a good thing when it comes to preventing overweight. Even though this is the case, such diets should not be followed. Once consumed the fiber, the kid will feel so full, it cannot consume other important nutrients anymore. A large number of good fats, on the other hand, will ensure your child feels full after the meal just like if it was to consume fiber, but with the benefit of promoting development and getting all the required nutrients. Especially calcium is essential for strong bones and teeth. Milk is a calcium-rich nutrient; reduced-fat milk should be avoided under the age of two due to the high growth rate and increased energy requirements of the child. To obtain sufficient amounts of vitamins, nutrition for kids should rely on consuming fruit and vegetables between meals with a low amount of fiber, whereas adults should consume the same with a higher content of fiber.

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