More Herbs, Less Salt

Eating healthy is often easier said than done – especially when it comes to kids. It takes thought, effort, and thyme (get it? I’ll see myself out). It’s often much easier to reach for less nutritious foods so we thought we’d offer one quick step towards healthier eating: More Herbs, Less Salt.

Herbs and spices are readily available in all shops and don’t require much room to grow if you’re gifted with a green thumb. Here are some of our favourites to use instead of salt.

Oregano – a woodsy spice from the mint family, oregano has a strong and aromatic flavour which we love to add to our tomato sauces!

Thyme – Particularly popular in French and Italian cooking, thyme has a slightly sweet and powerful flavor. Whether you use it in a fresh or dry form, this spice can add delicious flavor to beef, poultry, potatoes and soups! This also works especially well with marjoram.

Rosemary – This aromatic shrub is slightly minty with a touch of pepper and balsamic! A divine combination if we do say so ourselves! And the best thing about rosemary is the flavour is not reduced when cooking making it perfect for stews and casseroles.

Ginger – Producing both a sweet and hot flavor, ginger goes great with a number of different Thai, Indian and Chinese dishes, including hot and sour soup and stir fry. If you’re feeling adventurous, it can also be mixed with maple syrup to create a glaze for meat and vegetables.

Paprika – A vibrant red spice that can be sweet, mild, or hot. Paprika is a versatile spice that can go with anything from scrambled eggs to a good roast ham but I have to say we do love it in a chili con carne.

Happy cooking!

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