Indoor Activities for Children

This Autumn will certainly be different, with very few areas open due to Level 5 restrictions and with bad weather incoming, we’ve put our heads together to come up with some fun indoor activities for children.


It’s the return of the banana bread! This activity may require some advance planning but it can be seriously fun, from decorating cupcakes to edible food art this is a great activity to keep your little ones occupied for a good stretch of time – and they’ll have something delicious to eat at the end of it.

Pillow Fort

Need we say more? Probably not but we will anyway. This indoor activity is brilliant because it doesn’t require any new equipment or things and there really is no way to do it wrong! Grab some blankets and pillows, some chairs or a clothes horse, even some cardboard boxes and the world is your oyster. Make this extra fun by incorporating a movie marathon (did you see our list of Halloween movies?) or a readathon if you’d like to reduce screentime.

Treasure Hunt

Another indoor activity that requires a little bit of forethought but it is definitely worth it! You can DIY this one completely, with personal clues or you can head over to The Spruce which has a handy list of premade clues for an indoor treasure hunt.


A little messy but a whole lot of fun! Have any boring white socks or t-shirts lying about – then it’s time to get creative! All you’ll need is a big basin, water, rubber bands, a selection of dyes, some rubber gloves and a sealable plastic bag and whatever white clothes you have knocking about!

Science Experiments

This is another great indoor activity because it can keep the little ones occupied for hours! There are tons of science experiments you can do at home with very little prep and often with items you have at home anyway. From the Covid Pepper Experiment to homemade slime, you might just have a little scientist on your hands by the end of it. I hope you all give some of these a try over the next few weeks and I hope you have as much fun doing them as we had writing about them!

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