Healthy Brain Development Foods For Kids

In today’s blog, we take a look at some of the best brain foods for your kids growing minds. Believe it or not, nutrition can play a major role in just how well your kids absorb and retain information at school. So, along with backpacks and notebook paper, stock up on these delicious superfoods and kitchen staples for maximum brain-boosting benefits.


Eggs contain Choline, a nutrient that helps in retaining neural pathways to keep memories intact. Did you know that a single egg is enough to supply a kid with a quarter of their choline needs?


Spinach contains antioxidants that help rectify the damage caused by free-radicals (toxic by-products produced due to various factors). It is thought that free-radicals damage brain cells and leads to mental decline. Spinach also contains folate that helps in all round brain development


Fish is the holy grail of brain food due to its vital ingredient of Omega 3 fatty acids. The brain has over 50% of its fat mass based on this, and it is thought that consuming fish helps increase this mass. The power of this is so widely accepted that numerous manufacturers of baby formula often boast of their product containing Omega 3 fatty acids. A study conducted shows that the consumption of fish has a strong bearing on maintaining the brain’s structural integrity.


Just like spinach, berries too contain anti-oxidants that help stop or even reverse the harmful effects of free-radicals on the brain. Another brain enhancing component found in berries is flavonoids. These make their way to the hippocampus and are known to help improve learning capabilities.


We’re nuts about this brain food! The Omega 3 fatty acids present in walnuts help improve memory as well as reduce inflammations in the brain. If that weren’t enough, it also removes excess protein deposits in the brain which helps in revamping memory power.


While oats are famous for their powers to aid the digestive system, they haven’t received due credit when it comes to helping the brain. Children who eat oats for breakfast consistently perform better at school as it regulates blood sugar in the body.


Beans are one of the best foods for children’s brain development. They have a high content of omega fatty acids which help improve memory.


Apples can help in the production of a chemical called acetylcholine which helps in the transmission of messages between nerves in the brain. The presence of antioxidants is a bonus that helps to reverse any damage done by free radicals to the brain.


These exotic fruits are worshiped by health enthusiasts around the world for its high nutritional content. Apart from Vitamin K and potassium, they contain folate which helps in brain development. In fact, pregnant women are advised to have a regular supply of folate in their diet to prevent any neural birth defects in the foetus.

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