Early Days Foods Favourite Rainy Day Activities for Small Children☔🌈

Indoor Summer Fun: Early Days Foods Rainy Day Activities for Small Children

At Early Days Foods, we understand that a rainy start to summer can be challenging for parents and kids alike. But don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! As a team of parents, we’ve compiled our favourite indoor activities to keep your little ones entertained, engaged, and having fun, even when the weather isn’t cooperating.

1. DIY Indoor Obstacle Course

Turn your living room into an adventure playground! Use pillows, blankets, chairs, and any other household items to create a fun obstacle course. Kids can crawl under tables, hop over cushions, and balance on makeshift beams. This activity is great for burning off energy!⚡

2. Creative Arts and Crafts

Rainy days are perfect for getting crafty. Set up a mini art station with paper, crayons, markers, and any other craft supplies you have. Encourage your children to draw their favourite summer activities or create their own imaginary worlds. You can even make it a themed art day, like “Under the Sea” or “Jungle Adventure.”🎨

3. Indoor Treasure Hunt

Create a treasure hunt by hiding small toys or treats around the house. Write out clues or draw a simple map to guide your children to the hidden treasures. This game is not only fun but also helps develop problem-solving skills and keeps kids active.

4. Baking Fun

Involve your kids in the kitchen with some baking fun. Choose simple recipes like cookies, muffins, or even homemade pizzas. Let them help with mixing ingredients, shaping dough, and decorating their creations. Not only is this a great way to teach basic cooking skills, but it also provides a delicious reward at the end!

5. Storytime and Puppet Show

Gather some of your children’s favorite books for an extended storytime session. To make it more interactive, you can use puppets or create simple paper bag puppets to act out the stories. Encourage your kids to join in, giving them roles or letting them narrate parts of the story.

6. Indoor Camping

Bring the outdoors inside with an indoor camping experience. Set up a small tent or create a fort using blankets and chairs. Add some sleeping bags or cozy blankets, and enjoy a picnic lunch or snack inside the tent. You can also use flashlights to tell stories or play camping-themed games.

7. Dance Party

Turn up the music and have a dance party in your living room! Create a playlist of your kids’ favorite songs and let them dance their hearts out. Dancing is a great way to get moving and have fun, and it’s sure to bring lots of smiles and laughter.

8. Educational Games

Take advantage of educational games and apps that are both fun and informative. There are plenty of interactive games available that can help with learning numbers, letters, and other foundational skills. Make screen time productive by choosing games that are both entertaining and educational.


At Early Days Foods, we believe that rainy days don’t have to be a damper on summer fun. With these indoor activities, you can create memorable and enjoyable experiences for your children. Remember, the key to a happy and active rainy day is a little creativity and a lot of enthusiasm. So, gather your supplies, and let the indoor summer fun begin!

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